The Women In Business contest has been an excellent experience for our bank to raise awareness for the participating women-owned businesses. In doing so, we have been able to interact with companies spanning from Logan to Park City, which has been a fantastic experience for our community bank.

Being selected as a winner in our competition comes with an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. There were seven winners of the contest, and each of them was able to choose a charity for us to donate to in their name.  The bank was grateful for the opportunity to donate $7,000, divided among the seven different charities.

We are pleased to announce the charities.

Charities by Alphabetical Order:

Malala Fund

Chosen by: Hailey Nordwald (Terra Therapi)

Description of Charity:

Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead. We believe girls should speak for themselves and tell leaders what they need to learn and achieve their potential.

We advocate — at local, national, and international levels — for resources and policy changes needed to give all girls a secondary education. The girls we serve have high goals for themselves — and we have high expectations for leaders who can help them.

Why You Chose The Charity:

I am so excited to choose the Malala Fund as my charity because of Malala’s continued bravery in standing up for women’s education, and the charity’s impact in providing women with opportunities to learn and add their voices among world leaders and their local communities.

I believe the Malala Fund has taken great care in developing a very practical advocacy path that keeps policymakers accountable and has women at the heart of its decision-making. It is for this reason that I’m confident this money will be put to good use!

-Hailey Nordwald

You can visit the Malala Fund here.

You can visit Terra Therapi here.

Needs Beyond Medicine

Chosen By: Carrie Kelsch (A+ Garage Doors)

Description of Charity:

Needs Beyond Medicine is a nonprofit organization with a mission to financially assist cancer patients and offer educational outreach on cancer prevention.

Needs Beyond Medicine has a mission to decrease the burden of cancer on those undergoing treatment by providing financial support for non-medical expenses. Needs Beyond Medicine focuses on providing educational outreach regarding the importance of early cancer detection and prevention.

Why You Chose The Charity:

In 2019 my daughter was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, it was that experience that really brought it to my awareness how so many cancer patients need financial help beyond their medicine and treatments. This is why my charity of choice is Needs Beyond Medicine.

-Carrie Kelsch

You can visit the Needs Beyond Medicine here.

You can visit A+ Garage Doors here.

Project Rainbow

Chosen By: Megan Hitt (Peak Boxing + Fitness)

Description of Charity:

Project Rainbow works to promote LGBTQ+ visibility throughout Utah and foster inclusivity in every corner of the state. We stake rainbow and transgender flags in observance of various events and holidays throughout the year.

All money raised by Project Rainbow goes into our Community Fund to finance projects and events that promote LGBTQ+ visibility in Utah. Any individual, group, or organization can apply for grants ranging from $100-$7,000.

Why You Chose The Charity:

I have chosen Project Rainbow to receive my donation because of the wonderful work they do for our community. Both Project Rainbow and Peak Boxing share a vision in making this world a safer and more inclusive place for all. Small steps like promoting visibility lead to larger accomplishments such as lifesaving outreach programs. As always, we are Stronger Together.

– Megan Hitt

You can visit Project Rainbow here.

You can visit Peak Boxing + Fitness here.

Ruff Haven

Chosen By: Claudia McMullin (The Hugo’s Coffee)

Description of Charity:

Our mission is to provide a temporary safe haven for companion animals in order to keep pets and their people together in times of crisis, increase pet retention, and decrease the number of animals entering the shelter system.

We are an all-volunteer-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a Best Friends NKUT Coalition Partner.

Why You Chose The Charity:

I am choosing Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering in SLC. Ruff Haven’s mission is to provide a temporary safe haven for companion animals in order to keep pets and their people together in times of crisis, increase pet retentions, and decrease the number of animals entering the shelter system.

This nonprofit is all volunteer-based and provides critically needed services that few (if any) other animal rescue organizations provide. And, it’s a service that is near and dear to my heart. While I was the Executive Director of Nuzzles & Co., we launched the Purple Paw Project which provided temporary shelter for animals of domestic violence victims. Many victims stay with their abusers because the abusers threaten the family pets if they leave. Domestic violence shelters did not take in family pets. So, we came up with the Purple Paw Project.

Ruff Haven expands this idea to emergencies other than domestic violence including hospitalizations, evictions, and any family emergency requiring pets to be temporarily separated from their families. And, they do so via a network of foster care – which is so much easier on the traumatized pet than going into a rescue facility. Needless to say, I simply love what Ruff Haven is doing!

– Claudia McMullin

You can visit Ruff Haven here.

You can visit Hugo’s Coffee here.

Salt Lake County Animal Services

Chosen By: Allie Blackham (Allie Blackham Consulting)

Description of Charity:

Salt Lake County Animal Services is the premier animal service agency in Utah. We serve the citizens and pets of Bluffdale, Holladay, Midvale, Millcreek, Murray, Salt Lake City, and the Salt Lake County Metro Townships: Brighton, Copperton, County Islands, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, and White City.

We have had a commitment to operating a “no-kill” facility since 2011. Our live release rate surpassed 94% in 2019. We are the largest shelter in Utah to achieve this status.

Salt Lake County Animal Services is dedicated to providing consistent, reliable, and professional solutions for animal related issues. Our comprehensive animal care and control services.

Why You Chose The Charity:

This organization includes people who work tirelessly in our communities to protect animals and help pet owners and those who care for stray and feral animals. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer with this organization over the last few years and learned so much about animal welfare and what I can do to help animals. The donation will help the shelter continue to care for stray and injured animals as they await their forever homes.

-Allie Blackham

You can visit Salt Lake County Animal Services here.

You can visit Allie Blackham Consulting here.

United Way Of Cache Valley

Chosen By: Liz Kennard Butcher (Butchers Bunches)

Description of Charity:

United Way of Cache Valley brings together citizens, community leaders, business, the faith community, government, non-profit organizations and other institutions to determine the most critical human issues that require collective, not just individual, action. These issues range from basic human needs – like food, shelter and emergency assistance – to emerging and growing issues like the need for affordable housing, services and support for seniors, and positive youth development. United Way of Cache Valley then raises money locally in an annual campaign, generates other revenue outside of the campaign, secures non-cash in-kind resources, and advocates for sound public policy, along with employing other relevant strategies in order to produce concrete results.

United Way of Cache Valley is one of the few remaining not-for-profit vehicles to pool investments in order to create a greater return on the individual investment. The good news is that many of our investors’ favorite agencies are supported since United Way does not directly provide human services. Instead, we each are helping to create a focused agenda, investing in strategies and agencies that show results, and providing investment options in a community pool, an issue-oriented product investment (e.g. fostering independence), and the opportunity to invest in individual agencies.

Why You Chose The Charity:

The United Way of Cache Valley is an organization which has its hands in SO MANY POTS, I am amazed!  I find myself purely astonished at the different things that they are doing all of the time.  From Suicide prevention to solving Food Insecurity and creating solutions to our ever increasing Shelter/Living Accommodations and the lack of in Cache Valley, the United Way ALWAYS has an event at hand.  ALWAYS.  If there is no event, one will be planned or set in motion to create funds for those in need.  I have been able to view the MANY activities that they participate in (daily) to help the community around them.   I honestly cannot keep up.  They work with CAPSA, local ecclesiastical leaders, every Humanitarian Agency, Food Banks, and are crossing bridges in our community that people had no idea could be built even six months ago.

I have NEVER heard them say no.  Never.  To any idea, thought or presentation.  This is almost non-existent in our society today.  The positivity that their program exudes is amazing.  I appreciate this – as we often hear “NO, NO, NO.”  The United Way of Cache Valley is represented with true Yes Men (& Women) with HUGE smiles. 

-Liz Kennard Butcher

You can visit the United Way of Cache Valley here.

You can visit Butchers Bunchers here.

Utah Down Syndrome Foundation

Chosen By: Jamie Furniss (Moxie’s Blankets)

Description of Charity:

Established in 1977, the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation (UDSF) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that has since become Utah’s largest support provider for the Down syndrome population.  For the past 40 years, UDSF has had a growth mindset, meaning that it has the desire to not merely exist, but to thrive.  Each year UDSF determines goals that support its mission and help not only the foundation to reach higher levels of achievement, but that will “Love. Lift. Launch.” the members of its community as well.  

Our Mission:

Providing hope to individuals, their families and community through support, education, activities, outreach and advocacy.

Why You Chose The Charity:

We’d like it to go to the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation. I have so much love for the down syndrome community. One of my favorite people has down syndrome and he brightens my day everytime I see him. I also have two friends that have kids with down syndrome and adore them!

-Jamie Furniss

You can visit the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation here.

You can visit Moxie’s Blankets here.

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