In honor of Veterans Day, we asked a few of our Altabank veterans to share their experiences in the Service.

David Fellingham

Utah Army National Guard, 2010 – 2019
Current Role at Altabank: Project Manager

Tell us something about your experience in the Service.

“I had a really unique time in my military service. I was able to do a lot of really fun things and work with some amazing people. I did some of the state mission side of the Guard as my final year, which was a really neat experience working with local governments. I also was able to teach leadership for several years and I loved it. I miss a lot of it sometimes.”

Is there anything about your experience as a veteran that drew you to work at Altabank?

“After my injury and medical discharge I needed to find a job that was not physically based. Banking as an industry fit that bill for me. I liked that it [Altabank] was local and that they put a huge emphasis on customer service. I wanted to, in some small way, continue to serve others.”

Derek Tuckett, US Air Force Reserves

Derek Tuckett

US Air Force Reserves, 2004 – 2013
Current Role at Altabank: VP / Relationship Manager

Tell us something about your experience in the Service.

“Over my 9 years of service I had many great experiences, travelling to many great areas of the country and throughout the world training and serving in different roles. Meeting the many great service members in the military and department of defense was always a good opportunity. Some of the memorable places I was able to serve include: Texas, Alaska, Japan, Afghanistan, Virginia, Iraq, Delaware, Las Vegas, Seattle, Georgia, and Mississippi.”

What would you want others to know about veterans and military service?

“Most everyone knows a veteran or military service member and compared to the treatment I have heard many received during the Vietnam war, we are just grateful for the warm reception and the many thanks we receive from almost everyone that knows of our service. When I deployed to Iraq in 2009, we had a brief layover in Bangor, Maine and there were dozens of volunteers that came to the airport to meet us and gave us a small gift bag to see us off. It is really amazing to see all the support and we as veterans and service members just want to thank America for showing their support for us.”

Kirk Jardine in the Utah Army National Guard

Kirk Jardine

Utah Army National Guard, 1987 – 1995
Current Role at Altabank: SVP / Director of Home Builder Finance

When did you serve?

“I served with the Utah Army National Guard for 6 years after completing ROTC at Utah State in 1987.  Attended officer basic course and rotary wing flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama for almost 2 years.  Served as a Scout Helicopter Pilot in an Attack Helicopter unit.  I served as Scout Platoon Leader, Battalion S2 and Battalion S4.  I was activated during the first gulf war and sent to Fort Hood, Texas.  I spent 4 summers attached to the State Department of Public Safety flying drug search missions in the State of Utah.”

Tell us something about your experience in the service.

“I was an honor graduate, being 2nd in my flight school class.  Very interesting time with initial training at the end of the cold war and all related to the Soviet threat and then a very quick and massive shift to anti-terrorism and anti-drug training.  I have over 2,000 hours of flight time with much of that at night with night-vision goggles on and within 100 feet of the ground. “

What would you want others to know about veterans and military service?

“Whether you face combat or not the vast majority of those in the military know that they could be called any day and they are still willing to do the job.  It’s amazing.”

Thank you for your service!

Did you or someone you know serve in the military? Find out more about VA loans here.