Altabanking episode 18 with Len Williams

July 10, 2020

Len Williams – Altabanking Interview KSL Radio Transcript:

Segment title: Becoming a banker

GRANT: Welcome to Altabanking. Weekly business talk geared toward elevating your financial future. Len Williams is President and CEO of Altabank. Welcome back, Len. Graduation has come and gone, and employment is starting to recover. What would you say to people about a career in banking?

LEN: Good to be with you, Grant. The banking industry is typically strong. Even in tough times, banking is a little more stable than many professions. Bankers are called upon to work closely with customers to help them plan and manage their finances. This is sometimes a misconception that bankers are only interested in closing deals and moving on. In most cases, that is not true. Bankers collaborate with customers and help plan to take advantage of good times and manage through the bad ones.

GRANT: And as someone who has spent his entire professional life in banking, what do you think makes a good banker?

LEN: Passion, curiosity, competence and confidence. Banking is a people business and solving financial issues and providing useful advice is where bankers add value. Being comfortable with numbers and having business acumen is also a big part of it.

GRANT: For new graduates, what college degrees do you look for and what types of roles should they be looking at?

LEN: In terms of degrees, we do, of course, see business, finance and economics. But really, I’ve also known bankers with degrees in math, computer science, history, English and others. If someone has the interest, people skills and ability to learn, they can become a good banker. There are many roles available from tellers to relationship bankers. We hire entry-level loan officers, mortgage officers and others, as well as operations, IT and marketing (see careers at Altabank).

GRANT: If someone wants to learn more, what do they do?

LEN: There are a number of resources to learn more. Explore the Utah Banker’s Association website at The American Banker’s Association at is another good resource. And explore the banks that operate in your area to get a sense of what makes them unique.

GRANT: Well thank you Len. This has been Altabanking. Brought you by Altabank. Member FDIC. Equal housing lender.