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The pandemic has supercharged the housing market across the nation, driven by historically low interest rates and low unemployment rates, with Utah leading the way. The state continues to reap the benefits of a solid recovery and Utah’s real estate market is expected to shatter records in 2021.

In this episode of Altabanking, a business podcast geared toward elevating your financial future, Altabank’s Stan Sorensen sits down with Ben Pack, President of Altabank’s mortgage division to discuss real estate and Utah’s housing market, from home buying, home selling, and everything in between. Pack shares shares his outlook on Utah’s current real estate climate, inflation, and how to think strategically to gain an edge in this red-hot seller’s market.

In this episode:

2:00: The current state of Utah’s housing market

5:16: Refinancing – lower rates and tap into equity 

13:01: The VA loan – often the best loan in the world

17:28: The jumbo loan 

21:03: A importance of a good real estate agent and gaining an edge in this market

27:15: Leveraging technology during the approval process

48:51: The benefits of a HELOC and when to get one

57:39 The dreaded “I” word – inflation

1:06:30: Lightning round questions

Altabanking, Real Estate and Utah’s Housing Market – Full Transcript