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Savings & Money Market Account

Whether you’re building up a rainy-day fund, saving for college expenses or preparing for retirement, Altabank has a savings account to help you reach your goals. Safe deposit options and competitive interest rates will keep your money growing steadily and securely.

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CheckSmart™ Money Market

Altabank’s CheckSmart TM Money Market account has the features of our basic checking account but with interest. The account is tiered, which means the higher your balance, the more interest you earn. CheckSmart TM Money Market is a good fit for customers who don’t write a lot of checks and don’t have a lot of debit card purchases, but may still need access to the funds in the account. There is a minimum daily balance requirement of $1,000* and withdrawal limitations apply.†

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Statement Savings

Statement Savings is our simplest savings account. It requires just $100 to open and a $100 daily minimum balance.* You can open it as either a personal or business account; it will earn interest either way. Statement Savings is limited to six monthly withdrawals or transfers,‡ so you’re incentivized to let your nest egg continue growing.

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KidSmart™ Savings

KidSmart™ Savings makes it fun, easy and rewarding for kids up to 18 years old to start saving early, with an interest rate higher than our regular Statement Savings rate for balances under $1,000. There are no minimum daily balance requirements, so kids won’t be dinged as they learn how to save. KidSmartTM Savings requires an adult as a joint account owner and withdrawal limitations apply.†

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You don’t need a financial advisor to start planning your retirement; you can start at Altabank with our individual retirement arrangements (IRAs). Our IRAs are held in Certificates of Deposit (CDs), not in the stock market, so you’re guaranteed§ a steady return and are covered by FDIC insurance. Unlike some banks, we don’t charge you holding fees or an annual fee. Choose from two options:

Variable-rate IRAs require only $10 to open, while fixed-rate IRAs can be opened with a $500 minimum opening deposit.

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Coverdell Educational Savings Account

A Coverdell Educational Savings Account (ESA) allows money to grow tax free|| in an investment account to cover future educational expenses. Unlike 529 savings accounts that require savings to be applied towards college costs, proceeds from a Coverdell ESA can be withdrawn tax-free for qualified education expenses related to primary and secondary school, including private school tuition, books and uniforms.



* There is a monthly below-minimum-balance fee imposed if the minimum daily balance is not met each day of the monthly statement cycle:  for CheckSmartTM Money Market the fee is $8; for Statement Savings the fee is $3.

Some types of withdrawals are limited to six per month. A $10 fee is assessed if there are more than six withdrawals of this limited withdrawal type in any given month.

If you exceed the withdrawal limitations, you will be charged a fee of $10 for each excessive withdrawal that monthly statement cycle.

§ Contingent on the funds remaining in the certificate for the full length of the term

|| Consult your tax advisor for details.

Funds not used by the time your child is 30 may be subject to a taxes.  Consult your tax advisor for details.



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