Save Smarter –
higher interest rates, convenience and

Get higher interest rates with SaveSmart™ Direct and keep your money at your fingertips. Our exclusively-online accounts are opened and managed from the convenience of your home, making it easy to generate more interest on your savings.

Opening an account is simple.

You’ll need an Altabank Online Personal Banking account plus:

+ $100 opening deposit
+ Social Security Number
+ Driver’s license or other State ID – Date of birth
+ Valid zip code

Save with a SaveSmart™ Direct Account

Fast facts about SaveSmart™ Direct accounts

Available to consumers only (no businesses may apply)

The account is opened and accessed exclusively online

Customers are limited to six countable withdrawals monthly

$100 minimum daily balance

An Altabank Online Personal Banking account is required

Some fees may apply

Start Saving Smarter

Higher interest rates than regular savings accounts

Complete management from the convenience of home

Account holders enjoy free bank-to-bank transfers

Your money is accessible, unlike with time-invested CDs

Is SaveSmart™ Direct right for you?

SaveSmart™ Direct accounts are perfect for savvy, online bankers. If you want more earnings and less hand-holding this is the account for you.

+ Online support in place of in-branch support
+ Transfer funds between accounts in place of debit cards
+ Exclusively managed and opened online
+ Higher interest rates with increased financial flexibility